About Us

At The Fix Bike Shop, a locally owned and operated business, in Boulder, Colorado, we want your riding experience to be as smooth, fun, fast, and safe as possible. That's why we stock what we consider to be top of the line mountain bikes, components, accessories, and protective gear. If we don't have exactly what you need at our shop or on our web site, let us know and we'll do our best to get it for you and get you out riding. Our staff is equipped with over 50 combined years of riding experience and can answer any questions about equipment and products, mechanical issues, or where to get the best singletrack in the area. We provide not only our years of riding experience, but we take pride in offering our customers the most sound advice to get the best out of their bikes and equipment.

It's really all about riding... riding as hard and as often as possible, and helping other people do the same thing.   Sometimes we spend more time helping other people ride then we spend riding ourselves, which is ok, that's why we're here.   Downhill racing, freeriding, all mountain, cross country, dirt jumping, mountain cross, skate parks, urban, throw in a road ride and a day at the motocross track for good measure.   Whatever you call it, wherever you ride it, we'll help you ride it harder, faster and more often.

Thanks for shopping at The Fix Bikes.